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The Inaugural Shoot

The Inaugural Shoot

It’s a truth that’s been circling the rim of the Zeitgeist lately, but isn’t there something about when a Black and/or Multiethnic woman enters the room? The atmosphere changes, not necessarily because of any sociopolitical dynamic, but there’s a weight and a presence that is ushered in with just our sheer force. So imagine the energy pulsing through the room today at our inaugural photo shoot at FD Studios in Downtown Los Angeles. Everyone was excited as they entered the room, and even though all the women didn’t know each other, it felt like Old Home Week as we prepped for photos in that way only a large group of girls can. We laughed, we prayed, we plucked and pulled as we prepared ourselves for the honoring of something so much greater than even the sum of its parts. We all had a sense of performing something that would mean so much to women outside of that room and the acknowledgment of that was present in every word, every smile, every hug, and every emotion that was expressed today.

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On the other hand…the Truth is that there is no racial, ethnic, or cultural compartmentalization when it comes to how long it takes women to get ready. Changing clothes and choosing clothes with a set full of women was daunting, yet fun. While everybody was respectful of time and we did pretty good with our schedule, ultimately it was about overseeing the gargantuan task of corralling 12 women, a photographer, a DP, and a videographer, not to mention a couple colleagues who stopped by to observe, and not to mention ourselves! It was a journey we’ll never forget.


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No matter what The BARE Project becomes, we will forever be blessed by our first shoot, with those women, in that room. It was truly an experience in a very special brand of camaraderie for each of us and we only hope that the Project can serve to communicate that same feeling to women everywhere.

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