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WHO WE ARE: Pacesetters. Groundbreakers. Forerunners. Contributors. Innovators. Wives. Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Friends.

WHO WE ARE NOT: stereotypes, archetypes, prototypes or caricatures.

We are, simply, Women. The BARE Project seeks to illuminate all that is noteworthy, exceptional, and resplendent about us.

The BARE Project: Change the conversation.


  1. Pamela Johnson

    “Change the conversation” How excellent and so needed. Thank you and what a beautiful group of women who are Pacesetters. Groundbreakers. Forerunners. Contributors. Innovators. Wives. Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Friends.

    How wonderful to highlight these women. I would love to see this on a cover of a magazine and the story of your inspiration to ” Change the conversation” on how we view ourselves and other women .

    1. admin

      Hi Pamela and thank you so much for your support and positive feedback! We’d love to see The BARE Project on a magazine cover (or a few) too! Please continue to support us and help us spread the word so that we can keep the momentum going and hopefully make that dream a reality :).

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