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What’s your BARE? Is it Bright, Artistic, Rare, and Eclectic? Or maybe it’s Bold, Alluring, Radiant, and Exquisite?

We’re changing the conversation about Black/Multiethnic women, and we can’t do it without you.

Send us your most stunning photograph, along with your personal ‘BARE’ (i.e. Brilliant, Adventurous, Real, and Educated) to be featured on the TBP site.

Just so you know:
• Professional quality photography is key to the BARE aesthetic. Please do not submit selfies.
• Please be sure all photos are tasteful. Nude photography is unwelcome on the site and will be returned un-featured.
Please note that, while most submissions that fit the criteria will be added to the website, we reserve the right to feature only submissions that we feel are in line with the overall mission of The BARE Project.

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  1. […] women and gives them the power to redefine themselves on their own terms. Women are invited to send in photographs of themselves along with a few words to do just that. The self-love is apparent and […]

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